What’s New in 2017?

The world’s best program for entrepreneurship education keeps getting better. With new and updated modules on pitching to investors, customer discovery and lean canvas, we’re preparing students for the global startup economy.

Curriculum – 3 Months of Progress Packed into 72 Hours

Pitching Fundamentals

3DS 2017 guides students to pitch investors with the long term goal of launching their startup, not the short term goal of winning a prize. The 2017 edition of our program has students delivering clean pitches with concise answers. 

Customer discovery

At 3 Day Startup, students learn to turn customer feedback into startups that solve the world’s biggest challenges. Our 2017 program goes further than ever in guiding students through converting feedback into powerful solutions.

Lean Canvas

The Lean Canvas is the best tool for students to map out and test their startup. For 2017 we’ve modified how this tool is distributed and presented for maximum effect.

Bootcamp – Hit the ground running

3 Day Startup’s Bootcamp gets student entrepreneurs headed in the right direction before the program begins. Our 2017 update prepares students to laser focus on the essentials of their early stage ventures, from a streamlined pitch to deeper knowledge of the problem they solve.

Team Dynamics

Teamwork is essential to a thriving startup. The 2017 Bootcamp prepares students with communication and leadership skills that are critical to a thriving team, as well as the option to integrate Gallup’s EP10.

Concise Pitch Delivery

Delivering a compelling elevator pitch is challenging. The 3DS 2017 Bootcamp delivers a simple, proven formula to convey the complexities of a startup concisely and effectively.

3DS Checkpoint – Prepping students for the long haul

Some students hit a wall after the tremendous growth they experience during the 3DS program. 3DS Checkpoint, unveiled in 2017, is a structured session that takes place several weeks after the 72 hour immersion to reorient teams, assess progress and challenges and set the pace for road ahead.

Post-Program Mentor Relations

The right mentor is a game-changer for a young startup. 3DS 2017 prepares students to convert initial mentor meetings into relationships that get their startups launched. 

Cofounder Formation

The 3 Day Startup program is a great place to meet potential cofounders. 3DS Checkpoint provides a path for converting 3DS teams into actual cofounders. 


Startup funding is hugely misunderstood by student entrepreneurs. This new session for 2017 helps students develop a game plan to fund their startup, covering accelerators, angel investors, crowdfunding campaigns and customer funding.

The Playbook 2017

The Playbook is 3 Day Startup’s suite of resources curated for student entrepreneurs. Gathered across 200+ programs, the 2017 Playbook unfurls an invaluable collection of entrepreneurial resources for students before, during and after the program.

Idea Generation

Ideas are powerful but misunderstood in early stage startups. The Playbook guides students through how ideas are created, and what separates a sound startup foundation from a clever idea.


Delivering a concise prototype that solves a customer’s problem is a challenge for both nascent and seasoned entrepreneurs. The Playbook includes crucial resources for startups to map out an MVP that solves customer problems before writing a single line of code.  

A Growing Network

The 3 Day Startup global network is constantly growing and evolving. Tap into the world’s most brilliant global entrepreneurial ecosystem at our Global Roundup, or run a 3DS at a university elsewhere in the world.

Global Roundup 2017

The annual 3DS conference brings young entrepreneurs together to network and learn crucial larger steps in launching their company. The Global Roundup is fine-tuned for early-stage student entrepreneurs.

Educator Exchange

Faculty and staff that run a 3DS at their university are eligible to facilitate a program at another university, furthering their institution’s impact and depth of university entrepreneurship learning

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