Founded by a diverse group of students that saw unexpressed potential for startups in higher education, the 3 Day Startup program debuted at the University of Texas at Austin in 2008.

The student organization incorporated as a nonprofit in 2010 and began expanding this immersive, short-format model to higher learning institutions across the globe. While early programs focused on strictly technology- and web-enabled startups, the organization has designed and delivered programs across a range of outcomes (economic development, skill-building, accelerator/competition readiness) and themes (social innovation, energy, culinary, hardware.)


Activate entrepreneurial potential in students of all kinds through experiential education and a global entrepreneurship ecosystem.


All students ignite their potential through the experience of entrepreneurship.

The Numbers



Countries Across 6 Continents

Accelerator and Incubator Acceptances

Companies Launched by 3DS Alumni

Million $ Raised by Alumni


Cam Houser

MBA, University of Texas

When he’s not in CEO-mode or teaching as a professor at the University of Texas, Cam spends his time producing rap beats and electronic dance music.

Maia Donohue

Senior Program Manager and Conference Director
MS, Environment, University of Wisconsin

When he’s not helping students start companies, Maia writes stories and makes art of world leaders with fruit baskets on their heads.

Alexis Taylor

Director of New Projects
BS, Business, Creighton University

Alexis, founder of 3DS Creighton University, takes advantage of her Airline Brat status by jet-setting around the world whenever possible.

Shayna Dunitz

Program Manager
BS, Strategic Communications, Ithaca College

Shayna is a transplant from New York who spends her time throwing barbells around Central Athlete, eating Voodoo donuts, and thinking about how entrepreneurship can make the world a better place.

Ellyson Glance

Program Manager & Brand Journalist 
BA, English, Davidson College

Ellyson is passionate about entrepreneurship education and telling our Alumni’s incredible success stories to as many people as possible.

Brianna Kablack

Exchange Program Manager 
BA, International Relations, George Washington University

Brianna seeks to connect students from around the world through idea sharing and innovation. She enjoys experiencing unique cultures, traveling aimlessly, and finding something to laugh about.

Carlos Estrada

Program Manager
BS, Engineering, University of Houston

Before joining the 3DS team, Carlos participated in the first 3DS program at the University of Houston and ran a WordPress consulting firm. He enjoys the finer things in life like traveling, a good Malbec, and a fine cigar. Pinkies up.

Jackson Dyre-Borowicz

Program Manager, Enterprise
BS, Biotechnology, University of Texas

Jackson is an Austin, TX native and an extreme extrovert. He’s passionate about a lot of things, however, finding creative ways to keep his cell phone battery from dying and producing professional aerial video are among his favorites.

Dr. Andrew Zimbroff

Director of Research 
MS Mechanical Engineering at Stanford, PhD Mechanical Engineering at UT Austin

Dr. Z bleeds Husker red as a University of Nebraska, Lincoln professor where he spends his days using data to develop rural entrepreneurship curricula and drowning in five sweatshirts attempting to survive Nebraska blizzards.

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