Exchange Program Manager

Join the 3 Day Startup Team and work with governments and organizations all over the world to deliver intensive, comprehensive, and exciting programming to students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

3 Day Startup specializes in equipping students with the skills they need to start companies and make outsized change in their communities. Through a 3DS program, participants transform into entrepreneurs with the confidence, motivation, and know-how to be successful. And in their success, 3DS participants grow economies, create jobs, and solve problems in communities all over the world.

Joining the 3DS team will put you right in the thick of that journey. With us, you will experience new countries and cultures, meet amazing entrepreneurs and innovators, and inspire students to turn their vision into a reality. You will gain first-hand experience with numerous startup opportunities, new technologies, and experiments testing the limits of caffeinated entrepreneurs. Our crew is headquartered in Austin. Come join us!

We seek an extremely versatile person for an entry-level position that will quickly grow to a mid-level role at 3DS. This full-time position involves managing complex grants, developing programming and relationships for 3DS exchange programs, and organizing and/or facilitating 3DS workshops and/or programs. This person will also play a role in generating new grants and programs.

#1: Exchange Program Manager — 70%

  • Manage the planning, execution, and growth of the organization’s exchange programs
  • Ensure compliance on complex grants and accuracy in reporting, documentation, and evaluation
  • Efficiently coordinate with several distinct stakeholders: the 3DS team, clients (e.g. government officials, university staff, corporate employees), various community partners, and large numbers of students, vendors, and volunteers

#2: Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator — 10%

  • Manage pre- and post-program assessment process on Qualtrics to track organization-wide impact and participant learning

#3: Program Manager/Facilitator — 20%

  • Guide local organizing teams through the program creation process by tracking and assisting the organizing process for 3DS programs and projects
  • Facilitate 3DS programs (i.e., delivering/running the at-program content)
  • Implement a variety of projects and programs related to the organization’s mission

Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s degree with a track record of strong academic performance
  • Knowledge of nonprofit administration and grants management
  • Crisp communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organization
  • Ability to work autonomously with strong focus and prioritization skills
  • Ability to manage multiple, varying projects simultaneously
  • Excitement about entrepreneurship, startups, and university-level education
  • You are excited to work in the middle of downtown Austin and have reliable transportation.
  • You have a reliable laptop computer and smartphone

At 3DS we place great value on our team and we are very protective of our culture. This will not be an easy or fast hire. The evaluation process will involve an “audition” (a deliverable so we can get a sense of your output/work product) and 2-4 interviews to fully understand your hunger, ability to contribute, and willingness to grow in a challenging work environment.

Minimum Salary: $35,000 depending on experience

Applications for this position are now closed.

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