3DS Checkpoint

Prepare Your Students For Accelerators, Investment And Product/Market Fit With 3DS Checkpoint

Checkpoint is full-day startup program designed to navigate intermediate student entrepreneurs through the challenging stages after validating their ideas and before launching a profitable startup.

This program is aimed at providing university staff advanced programming to turn passionate students into capable entrepreneurs ready to navigate an angel network or prepare for an accelerator. Tested in Austin, Brazil and Scotland, Checkpoint solves challenges faced by tens of thousands of student entrepreneurs.

Students depart Checkpoint prepared to handle cofounder challenges, prepare for funding rounds, and turn initial mentorship meetings into long term relationships that drive company creation and personal careers.

For the program, a Senior 3 Day Startup facilitator trained on our model will travel to your campus to deliver the modules and take your entrepreneurs to the next level. Checkpoint is ideal for universities that run an accelerator or incubator program, and is open to all intermediate level entrepreneurs.

What Happens at 3DS Checkpoint?

Checkpoint is Geared Towards Advancing Your Entrepreneurs in the Following Areas:

  • Mentorship Training: being a good mentee is not something we are born with. Checkpoint prepares entrepreneurs to understand and meet the demands of mentors and investors.
  • Advanced Funding: whether bootstrapping, crowdfunding or courting angel investors, most early stage entrepreneurs learn by making costly mistakes. Checkpoint gets entrepreneurs ready to understand and meet the demands of investors.
  • Cofounder Dynamics: Having run close to 400 programs, we know what causes startups to crash. Often it is cofounder disputes that are easily avoided. This program prepares students to overcome these hurdles.
  • Advanced Pitching Workshop: successful entrepreneurs will give their elevator pitch hundreds of times. This intensive workshop prepares cofounders with a succinct, clean delivery that operates as a foundation when talking to potential stakeholders.

What Participants are Saying:


Mariana Campos
Brasilia, Brazil

Checkpoint was the opportunity to go deeper on everything that my partner and I have done since last year’s 3DS while talking, sharing experiences and gaining new insights.


University of Edinburgh

From Checkpoint I gained a look into more advanced problems regarding startups than the intro knowledge that is often repeatedly given at other startup events.


Ana Carol Freitas
Brasilia, Brazil

I loved Checkpoint. The topics the program selected were exactly what my cofounder and I need to work on at this moment.

Ready to Get Started?

Bring 3DS Checkpoint to your school to give your students the opportunity to experience the world’s leading immersive, entrepreneurship education program and join a global network of students, entrepreneurs, and mentors. To learn more about getting a 3DS program on your campus, reach out to us!

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