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Prepare entrepreneurs for mentorship, accelerators, fundraising, and product/market fit with 3 Day Startup’s Checkpoint program

After the euphoria of assembling a startup team fades, many early stage entrepreneurs stagnate as they navigate what comes next. Checkpoint solves this problem. 3DS Checkpoint leverages learning from 400+ programs to guide founders through the most common challenges faced by intermediate-stage entrepreneurs en route to launching their startups.

Many entrepreneurs launch a business idea but need more support in order to progress. The Checkpoint program is designed with these individuals in mind. This program trains entrepreneurs on rigorous, repeatable processes to move forward, whether the challenge is navigating funding landscapes or leveraging mentors. Tested in Austin, Brazil, Korea, and Scotland, Checkpoint helps intermediate entrepreneurs level up their capabilities.

No two ecosystems are the same, and it is understandably common to misdiagnose the state of an entrepreneurial community. As such, 3DS facilitators are trained to adjust the curriculum as needed to ensure programming is salient and relevant.  Checkpoint is ideal for universities, accelerators and co-working spaces, and is open to all intermediate level entrepreneurs.

What Happens at 3DS Checkpoint?

3DS Checkpoint


Checkpoint Modules: 

  • Mentee Training: Mentorship often fails to reach its potential because of poorly managed relationships. Checkpoint provides a structured framework for entrepreneurs to become ideal mentees, display professionalism, and receive feedback constructively.
  • Advanced Funding: Whether bootstrapping, crowdfunding or courting angel investors, most early stage entrepreneurs learn through costly mistakes. Checkpoint provides essential knowledge on how to navigate the funding landscape successfully.
  • Cofounder Dynamics: After delivering over 400 entrepreneurship programs, the 3DS team knows how poor cofounder relationships cause startups to fail. This program imparts actionable guidance around tough topics such as equity and managing business relationships.
  • Advanced PitchingSuccessful entrepreneurs pitch hundreds of times. This workshop teaches cofounders a succinct, clean pitch delivery, providing a strong foundation to engage new stakeholders.

What Participants are Saying:


Mariana Campos
Brasilia, Brazil

Checkpoint was the opportunity to go deeper on everything that my partner and I have done since last year’s 3DS while talking, sharing experiences and gaining new insights.


University of Edinburgh

From Checkpoint I gained a look into more advanced problems regarding startups than the intro knowledge that is often repeatedly given at other startup events.


Ana Carol Freitas
Brasilia, Brazil

I loved Checkpoint. The topics the program selected were exactly what my cofounder and I need to work on at this moment.

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Bring 3DS Checkpoint to your school, enterprise, or ecosystem to give participants the opportunity to experience the world’s leading immersive, entrepreneurship education program and join a global network of students, entrepreneurs, and mentors. To learn more about 3DS or to start a program, reach out to us!

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