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Resources curated and designed to help students of all kinds take the next step in starting their entrepreneurial ventures.

After over 400 programs at +150 schools across the world, we at 3 Day Startup see one common thread throughout: Students everywhere don’t know how to get started. That’s why we started this organization, and we’ve been working to solve this problem in colleges and communities for the past 9 years.

Now we want to help the students we haven’t been able to reach get the resources they need to ideate, validate, and build their ventures.

This page is dedicated to providing resources to aspiring entrepreneurs by walking them through their first steps, building their Lean Canvas, and conducting customer discovery through market validation.

Now get out there and get started!

Entrepreneurship Resource Pages
lean canvas

Lean Canvas

Learn the ins and outs of the Lean Canvas and start developing your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This page will let you download your own copy of the Canvas and walk you through each of the boxes so you can start putting it into action and building your venture.

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customer discovery

Customer Discovery

Learn how to find your customers, understand their pain points, and refine your idea into a workable Minimum Viable Product through customer discovery. Customer discovery should be one of your first steps towards turning your idea into a viable venture.

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customer discovery


Test and refine your vision into a Minimum Viable Product through iterative and early prototyping. Prototyping early in the stages of your idea can provide you with excellent feedback from mentors, investors, and potential customers.

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Blogs for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Here Are Your First Steps

Becoming an entrepreneur is and increasingly popular career path. But how do you get started? Read the best steps to set you up for success.

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6 Tips to Finding (And Keeping) Your Perfect Mentor

A mentor is one of the most valuable resources a young or aspiring entrepreneur can have. But how do you find one? Here are some tips and tricks to help.

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A Brief History Of The Lean Startup And What It Means For You

Learn about the Lean Startup and how it can make or break your early-stage venture. Read our rundown and start building your Lean Canvas today.

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