3 Day Startup Certified Facilitators

They’re the best.

Shayna Dunitz

Austin, TX

Shayna is the Director of Operations at 3 Day Startup and has facilitated nearly 50 3DS programs all over the world.

Evan Gow

Austin, TX

Indie developer behind StoryOrigin, a marketing tool for self-published authors.

Leo Xia

Seattle, Washington

Software Developer at Amazon, Hip-Hop Producer, Lasagna Lover

David Veira

Boston, MA

David has implemented two 3 Day Startup university programs and is excited to be a certified facilitator!


Paris, France

Capital Market IT Special, PhD candidate, Entrepreneur, Epicurean, Cook and hungry mind

Mubariz "Moby" Hayat

Austin, TX

Startup evangelist focusing on helping through Pitch Coaching, Podcasting, and Media Operations

Carmen Maiz-Bar

Vigo, Spain

Communicator, teacher and translator in love with facilitation and 3 Day Startup

Madeline Vu

New York, New York

Madeline is a product design leader who helps grow companies, brands, and people. She is currently the Director of Product Design at Capsule. Early in her career, she joined 3 Day Startup as their first employee.

Felipe Peña

Bogotá D.C., Colombia

Student of Industrial Engineering in Bogotá, Colombia. I love languages and can speak and understand 5 fluently.

Preethi Rajgopal

Austin, TX

When she isn’t sharing her love for entrepreneurship, Preethi spends her time reading, teaching, and smiling

Mariana Campos

Brasilia/DF, Brazil

Founder of Vou me Casei, a company that believes that everyone can have the wedding of their dreams without spending a fortune, lawyer, and technical advisor in the International Unit of the Ministry of Social Development in Brazil.

Nick Spiller

Austin, TX

Nick runs Investor Relations at Capital Factory along with Genesis at The University of Texas which is a non-dilutive pre-seed capital source for student entrepreneurs.

Preston Badeer

Omaha, NE

Entrepreneur and consultant

Sheffie Robinson

Atlanta, GA

Sheffie is a serial entrepreneur focusing on growth in small business and technology.ie

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