Austin, Texas

July 8th – July 10th, 2016

3 Day Startup has been bringing the world’s great makers, dreamers, thinkers and doers together at universities around the world since 2008. The Global Roundup is a chance to meet co-founders, make friends, and launch your startup.

If you love startups, breakfast tacos, and live music, Austin is the city for you!

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Keynote Speakers

Ash Maurya

Ash is the author of two books, including Running Lean and Scaling Lean. He has been building web-based products for over a decade. Ash excels at helping entrepreneurs raise their odds of success.

Brett Hurt

Brett is currently the CEO and cofounder of Brett was cofounder of BazaarVoice in 2005, and since then has been a partner, mentor and board member of multiple startups and accelerators.

Tim Novikoff

Tim Novikoff, cofounder of Fly Labs and a graduate of 3DS Cornell, has run the gamut of the startup experience. Tim’s talk walks us through Fly Labs’ experiences negotiating with venture capitalists, going through a top accelerator, and finally being acquired by Google.

2016 Agenda

Complete list of sessions and schedule coming soon

Building a Board with Funding in Mind

Investors are coveted by most startups, but few know how to land one. This workshop demonstrates how to build an advisory board and board of directors with funding in mind. Led by Texas A&M’s Shelly Brenckman, attendees will learn how to construct a board capable of raising capital for promising startups.

Equity, Funding and Valuation

Funding is an essential and challenging undertaking for almost every startup. From courting investors to valuation and term sheets, Bart Bohn will walk you through everything you need to know about funding your startup.

Lean UX: Idea to Product

This workshop will teach you a framework based on Lean UX using structured design exercises to reduce the risk of downstream mistakes and help you focus on achieving product/market fit. You’ll learn how to implement and optimize the six phases of a Design Sprint: Understand, Define, Diverge, Converge, Prototype, and Test. You’ll learn why and how Design Sprints work and how you can use Design Sprints to build a prototype and validate customer demand.

Getting your First 20 Customers

Delivering something that solves a customer’s problem or creating something that delights users is a huge accomplishment. Many young entrepreneurs are stumped when it comes to landing their first batch of customers, beyond their parents and significant others.This panel, led by Bobby Martin, author of The Hockey Stick Principle, is meant to aim pre-revenue startups in the right direction.

Landing Page Building

A brilliant landing page is essential to early stage companies. Where do you start? Diego Granziol from the University of Oxford will run participants through the essentials of concocting a compelling, attractive landing page. This workshop is the first of a two-part series. Its counterpart, Landing Page Teardown, will take place on day 2.

Raising Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate venture capital is a little-known but growing approach to funding a startup. CVC accounted for 17% of VC funding in 2015, and that number is expected to grow. This session is for learning which industries and corporations fund startups, and how to approach them.  

What is the Global Roundup?
The Global Roundup is a conference for 3 Day Startup participants, organizers, facilitators, mentors, and panelists. It’s an opportunity to meet other awesome people and learn how to take your startup to the next level.
Why should I attend the Global Roundup?
First off, it is a great way to meet amazing people. 3DSers are awesome folks who make exciting things happen. If you are working on launching your company, you’ll find content to help you do just that. If you are building up the entrepreneurial eco-system in your community, the panels, speakers and meetings will be great assets in propelling you forward.
Why is there a cost for this when 3DS programs are free?
Great question! It’s important to us that the standard, 3 Day Startup program are always free for students and we’re able to make this happen by receiving funding from the colleges and universities we work with. With a conference, there are additional costs involved. The ticket price is severely discounted for past 3DS participants and covers the cost of your meals for the weekend. We’re also working with 3DS Austin participants to offer free accommodations to keep the overall cost to you as low as possible!
Will 3DS cover my airfare?
Nope! Really wish we could, but like most conferences, we won’t be able to cover airfare or lodging.
Where should I stay?
There are lots of great options in the heart of downtown Austin, but you’ll want to book your bed as soon as you can. Some suggestions: Cheap: Firehouse youth hostel is literally across the street. Moderate: Airbnb has great rooms around Austin. You can even stay in an old, vintage airstream. Pricey: The Hilton and Driskill are nearby, and the Omni is actually downstairs.
I've never participated in 3 Day Startup. Can I still attend?
The Global Roundup is primarily for past participants, organizers, mentors, and panelists. However, we do have non-3DS tickets available and would love to have anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship join us!
I am an international. Can 3DS help me with a visa to do the Global Roundup?
We will be happy to write a letter of recommendation, but we would not be able to sponsor a visa.
Are tickets refundable?
Tickets are not refundable, but you can transfer them to someone else.
How do I get a promotional code?
Promotional codes are for lead organizers. If you are a current or former lead organizer, get in touch with us and we’ll generate a promo code for you.

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