The 3 Day Startup Ecosystem Grant

The 3 Day Startup Ecosystem Grant

3 Day Startup partners with more than 40 universities worldwide and promotes collaboration among key players in the community in order to grow the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our ability to connect students across campus is reflected in our track record of jump-starting multiple viable student startups. To date, the 3500+ 3DS alumni from over 70 programs over the past few years have started 41 companies that have collectively raised over $14.5 million in investment capital. Our programs garner support from diverse departments, attract startup gurus and investors from the region, and connect universities with incubators and other resources. Our network supports mentorship and growth of new student startups and raises awareness of entrepreneurship career paths in local regions.

Funding Guidelines

The 3 Day Startup Ecosystem Grant supports the development of new and sustainable events in order to expand the reach and scope of our mission. We have a limited number of grants to award to universities that demonstrate promising efforts to bolster their entrepreneurship ecosystems through the integration of the 3 Day Startup program. The funding from these grants will be credited to the awardee university to offset some of the costs of hosting a 3 Day Startup program.

These grants are supported by our public and private donors, who will be offered the opportunity to be included as sponsors of events started through these grants.

Our Application Process

3 Day Startup uses a grant application form to consider inquiries and requests. As we have fixed funding for this grant program, grant amounts will depend on the needs of the awardee universities. We also take into consideration the potential scope and community impact of the university’s event.

For universities that are interested, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible, as the number of grants awarded is limited.

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