3 Day Startup Organizer Resources

Congratulations on organizing a 3 Day Startup program at your school! Your students are about to embark on a lifelong journey of learning and personal growth thanks to you. The links below contain examples and templates for the various tasks you need to accomplish to organize a successful 3DS program. We update these every semester based on feedback from Organizers like you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your Program Manager with suggestions. 

The tasks are broken down into 4 categories: Logistics (people, places, and things), Fundraising (from corporate sponsors for food, t-shirts, etc.), Recruitment (of student participants), and Advertising.

*These files will open as a View Only Google File. To make edits and specialize them to your program needs, take the following steps: Open View Only document -> File -> Make a Copy -> Rename to your program -> Edit freely. 



Master Schedule Master schedule of 3DS weekend broken into day/time, programming, location, and presenter
Mentor & Panelist Guidelines Information about the role of mentors and panelist
Mentor & Panelist Outreach Email templates to invite mentors & panelists to the program
Volunteer Sign Up Sheet List of volunteer times and contact info
Mentor and Panelist List Sheet with mentor and panelist information
Food Vendor List Spreadsheet to track confirmed food orders
Materials List Includes recommended materials and logistical pieces to keep in mind



Sponsorship 101 Introduction and guide to securing sponsorship
Email Outreach 3 versions of potential outreach emails
Sponsorship Deck 9-page PPT with messaging about 3DS in general and sponsor benefits
Sponsor Proposal 1-page doc that includes context and goals of both parties
Benefit Breakdown 1-page doc that includes the sponsor benefits we promise


Name Description
Promotional Templates Templates for flyers and promotional materials. Customize with your school information in your copy.
Brand Guide The 3DS official brand guide and logos for download and use.
Press Kit Information on how to talk about 3 Day Startup in your promotional materials and press.




Shoutout Plan Spreadsheet of all the shoutouts
Pitch Script What to say during a shoutout
Interview Guidelines 3-page document with interview questions, answers to common questions, etc.
Interview Email Short email to send to students when they’ve been selected for an interview
Decision Email Email letting students know if they’ve been accepted
Pre-Program Activities List of activities that you can host to begin building community before the program

Your Organizing Timeline

This timeline includes many of the large milestones that you will want to hit in preparation for your 3 Day Startup program. Please note that not everything you will need to schedule or achieve as Lead Organizer is listed on this timeline. Make sure you talk to your Program Manager throughout the organizing process to make sure you are aware of everything that needs to be done.

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