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3 Day Startup is and Austin-based 501(c)(3) that delivers intensive, hands-on entrepreneurship education programs to college and university students around the world.

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What happens at a 3 Day Startup program?
A 3DS-certified facilitator travels to partner institutions to guide approximately 40 cross-disciplinary students through modules covering ideation to team formation to pitching developed ventures on the third day. The 3DS model drives collaboration, creativity, and transformative change over the course of the program. By the end, students will have the skills they need to build teams, effectively conduct customer discovery, and develop viable, scalable ventures.
Is 3 Day Startup a hackathon, bootcamp, or competition program?
No. Central to 3 Day Startup’s mission is the core principle that all students can benefit from learning entrepreneurial skills and thinking. Because of this, we are dedicated to maintaining a detailed curriculum and collaborative environment to help students grow and expand their entrepreneurial knowledge. For us, it’s all about the mindset change and skills.
Does 3 Day Startup have winners or offer prizes?
No. To maintain the collaborative focus of our programs, we do not pick winners or offer prizes. Besides, the ideas at a 3 Day Startup program are so diverse that we don’t believe it makes sense to pit them against each other when they would never be competitors in the market.
Where did 3 Day Startup originate?
While our programs take place in our partner colleges and universities around the world, our headquarters is Capital Factory in Austin, Texas. 3 Day Startup originated at the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 when a group of grad students realized that while they could read books, attend classes, and listen to lectures about entrepreneurship, they didn’t actually know what it took to start a company.
What are the roles for a 3 Day Startup program?
Facilitator – an experienced 3DS veteran with substantial experience running programs, leading mentorship teams, and connecting participants to our global network. The facilitator represents face of 3DS at the program.

Lead organizer – a student or professor on the ground that has spent months executing and overseeing all daily operations.

3DS Program Manager – A member of the 3DS global team is helping every step along the way from our headquarters in Austin. The 3DS model has been fine-tuned from years of experience, and our program manager works closely with the lead organizer and facilitator to make sure that every component of the program is in place and running smoothly.

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Quotations from our CEO:

3 Day Startup runs hands-on entrepreneurship programs to teach students the skills they need at the early stages of founding a company. These skills matter because an entrepreneurial mindset and an entrepreneurial approach to your future opens doors that students might not have known were there before. All they need to do is unlock their potential. 3DS provides them that opportunity and helps them develop lifelong connections along the way.

Alexis Taylor

The world is changing faster than ever through product innovation, globalization, and communication technologies. And entrepreneurs deal with these changes extremely well. The the taxicab industry was never going to come up with Lyft or Uber and they Hilton Hotel Group would never come up with AirBnB. These innovations came from entrepreneurs and startups. So 3 Day Startup exists to create more of those types of people and that type of change in the world.

Alexis Taylor

3 Day Startup is a nonprofit that operates in 30 countries in partnership with governments and universities from around the world. Our model has been tested from schools like Harvard and MIT to smaller, more nascent ecosystems in Bangkok and Bogota. But the result is the same everywhere: our model works. With a focus on unlocking student potential in an experiential way, 3DS programs turn students of all backgrounds into confident entrepreneurs.

Alexis Taylor

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